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We are now hiring DIRECT SUPPORT STAFF for all counties in which we provide services. If you recently lost your job due to shutdowns, we are hiring displaced workers. Immediate interviews are available. Apply today, work tomorrow! For more information and to apply online, visit our job listings page on Indeed. Or, give us a call at one of our Regional Offices. We look forward to talking to you!

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New Client Services Referral Form


Would you recommend the company to your friends or family for employment?

I would. This company has been great to me, and every manager I’ve had while working for RLLS, has been amazing. Why not get paid to be a friend and support to amazing clients?

Yes I would recommend employment with this company. There's lots of flexibility with your schedule. You get time to work and time to take care of personal needs. If you like working on your own versus a team situation this is the job for you.

Yes. Everyone should work a job helping others at one point in their lives, regardless if it is short term employment or as a career. It builds character. And everyone should learn the feeling of helping their fellow mankind. It's good for the soul, it's good karma, it will keep you in good with the big man up above 🙂

Yes, I do all the time. Its knowing that we have other staff members actually treat others with dignity and respect. I trust most of the staff to help a family member of mine than I would one of my family members. For employment, I would recommend anyone that would like a job where is it very rewarding and you feel valued as an employee.

I thoroughly enjoy working with my coworkers. It is very light hearted atmosphere that encourages me to go to work everyday!

What do you like most about your job?

I like going to multiple places a day instead of being stuck in one place for my job. I like keeping someone's house clean. I like helping them keep their life more organized. I like the flexibility that my job gives me. I like making people food. I like to laugh with my clients.

Witnessing the progress and accomplishments my client has done as a result of my work with him. Even the little ones are huge and celebrated.

Working independently, and helping people with disabilities live life to the fullest!

I thoroughly enjoy working with my coworkers. It is very light hearted atmosphere that encourages me to go to work everyday!

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